For over 20 years, Alejandro has used his intuitive gifts to connect to the divine and help others discover the abundant, love-filled lives they were meant to live.

The success of his insights and channeled messages have benefited thousands worldwide.


By interpreting energetic inflows from his clients, he can help them recognize synchronicities in their lives and understand the important messages revealed.

In our world, fighting stress and burnout is a very real battle. He provides the tools to neutralize and overcome that threat so the path to love and happiness is clear. He has honed an ability to provide the energetic shift (the catalyst!) necessary for others to achieve the pinnacle “aha!” moment when everything finally makes sense.


His life’s purpose is to bring positive creative energy into the world

and to assist you on your magical journey, guiding you to tap into the inner resources you’ve struggled to access alone.

By unburdening and empowering you through behavioral innovations, your blocks to achieving energetic balance are resolved – life has meaning again.



Alejandro guides you to transcend limiting beliefs in a lasting, sustainable way. Be guided and inspired to view your personal challenges from a different perspective, to open your mind to a world where the possibilities are endless...

He listens. He understands. He holds space for you to uncover your truth.

Whether your goal is increasing prosperity in business, finding a true soul mate, or nurturing spiritual growth – you’re in the right place.

Learn the art of inner-knowing and recover your ability to thrive intentionally.



Connect with Alejandro to begin your transformation today!

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