Welcome Consciousness Explorers!

Join Consciousness Experts, Elena Bensonoff and Alejandro Ferradas, for weekly sessions that reveal and explain the consciousness levels of well-known people, institutions, systems, and so much more at your request!

Some of the people they will be revealing include Oprah, Tony Robbins, Jesus, Buddha, Jeffrey Epstein, Hillary Clinton, and so many more! 
What is Vibrational Revelations? 
Elena and Alejandro are on a mission to help you better understand many aspects and layers of what makes up our 3D reality. They developed a unique approach to measure the level of Consciousness and have created this exclusive community to share their discoveries with you.

The views and opinions expressed in these videos are solely that of Elena Bensonoff and Alejandro Ferradas. These consciousness readings are based on a system designed by Elena and Alejandro that draws from the Consciousness Scale created by Dr. Hawkins. These readings do not make any factual claims about the subjects but only the opinion of Elena Bensonoff and Alejandro Ferradas.

Raise Your Level of Consciousness
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The revelations in this series will empower you to raise your energetic vibrational frequency and your level of consciousness to a higher level. The Vibrational Revelations community is committed to Raising the Consciousness of Humanity on this planet and contributing to each individual’s evolution process.

Vibrational Revelations Membership

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Benefits of Becoming a Member:

✓Uncover revealing truths about consciousness and the matrix of reality
✓Develop deeper awareness of yourself and your environment
✓Learn about how public figures and systems are your teachers, learn hidden lessons, and understand yourself on a more profound level
✓Heighten your ability to tune in and trust your intuition
✓Receive unlimited access to all Vibrational Revelations replays and content

Vibrational Frequency Reading 

Free Episodes - Vibrational Revelations


With this life-changing one-on-one consult, you will finally understand who you are on a deeper level. Learn the secrets of your vibrational frequency and live your best life.


Here are the steps we will take during your reading:

✓ Discover your current unique energetic frequency
✓ Reveal the exact frequency you incarnated at in utero and the frequency you were born with (and pinpoint the reason for any shift/drop)
✓ We also dive into your vibrational alignment with many aspects of your life: health, finances, creativity, relationships, personal growth, philanthropy, and intuition (you will know the level of resistance that exists within each area of your life so you can increase the flow of consciousness)
✓ We reveal your overall percentages of joy, in the now, in the ego (superior% and inferior%), integrity, self awareness, clarity, compassion, empathy, energy purity (indicator of how close you are to shifting to a higher frequency level).
✓ We reveal how aligned you are with your Divine and Personal Purpose.

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