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You Must Desire to Change

Do you really want to change your life?

The first requirement is that you must come to a definite decision in your mind that you are going to transform your life. You must desire to change with all your heart and cease on repeating all the old stereotypical concepts, ideas, and beliefs implanted on your subconscious mind since birth. Change your thought, and you can change your destiny.

All of us should begin to remove the old, accepted view-points, opinions, and false beliefs implanted in our minds when we were young and impressionable.

You were not born to be an automaton; you should think for yourself. Cease letting others think and speak in you and for you. Refuse to let others pollute your mind with thoughts of fear, hate, malice, sickness, and misfortune. If you pay attention to the prejudices and fears of other people, you may contaminate yourself with the same.

The power is in your mind and spirit, and in your thought-life and belief. You are an instrument of the Divine, and you should begin now to realize the power of your own thoughts. Refuse to allow your mind to be cluttered up with false impressions and partial glimpses of the truth.

If you want to ascend spiritually, you must cease once and for all to give power to conditions, circumstances, people, or to any external or created thing.

You have the power to reject all negative and destructive suggestions, because your thought is the only creative power, and you can choose your thoughts. Think good, and good follows.

Always remember that you are the master of your thoughts and responses to all experiences. The power is in you, and not in others. Write the truths shared in this blog indelibly on your heart.

Stay in the flow of the Universe.

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