Alejandro Ferradas, Your Life Flow Catalyst


For over 20 years, Alejandro has transformed lives by facilitating profound transformational journeys. He harnesses the power of quantum physics and utilizes advanced scalar wave technology to read the vibrational frequencies and the human Biofield. With intuitive wisdom, he relays the messages you need to hear in order to transcend limiting beliefs so you can experience more freedom, growth, and joy!

As a Consciousness Expert, the success of his insights and guidance have benefited thousands worldwide. With a proprietary frequency testing method based on quantum physics and quantum mechanics, he can analyze and perceive beyond physical limitations and into the world of vibrational intelligence. Alejandro and his partner Elena Bensonoff use this remarkable system to piece together your life story to give you crystal clear understanding of the areas of your life that need to be addressed which facilitates a deeper knowing of your divine essence.

Imagine how your life could be if you could discover the exact level of resistance that exists around the obstacles and challenges in every aspect of your life. Alejandro empowers you to pinpoint where you need to raise your vibration in order to experience higher levels of consciousness. His processes catalyze your expansion, freedom and joy. Your flow increases bringing you closer and closer into alignment with your Divine Purpose. When you’re in flow, you’ll view your personal challenges from a different perspective and open your mind to a world where the possibilities are endless.

It’s time to transcend limiting beliefs and Tune In to Divine Intelligence to experience the fullness of who you are. Whether your goal is increasing prosperity in business, discovering your karmic purpose, finding a true soul mate, enhancing your intuitive abilities or nurturing spiritual growth – you’re in the right place.



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