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Get ready to elevate your consciousness, unlock your full potential, and make your aspirations a tangible reality with Alejandro’s guidance. Join this exclusive 6-month online journey! It's time to tap into the hidden potential within and raise your vibration. When you unlock higher levels of consciousness, the potentials are boundless...

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Life Flow Guided Journeys

Are you ready to shift your mindset, find your flow, and raise your vibrational frequency?
It’s time to remove resistance in your life and create your desired reality. Begin your transformation today!


Here’s what to expect from a Guided Journey with Alejandro:

  • Be guided on the transformational path to find your flow and align with your Divine and Personal Purpose
  • Rediscover the inner-knowing within you, so you can tune in to an endless supply of love and wisdom at any time
  • When you embody the frequency you’re meant to resonate with, a life filled with joy and abundance will be the ultimate reward

These are just some of the many ways you will benefit from working with Alejandro:

  • Reconnect to your Higher Self and tune in to your Divine inner resources
  • Raise your vibrational frequency to experience more joy, harmony, and love
  • Clear dense emotions and negative energy that is weighing you down
  • Radiate more light and restore your natural state of wholeness
  • Increase self-confidence and the ability to maintain a positive outlook

The results you can experience by starting your journey now include:

  • Aligning with your Higher Self
  • Increasing your level of self awareness and clarity
  • Enhance your intuition by accessing the wisdom of your heart to create and manifest with ease
  • Understanding your life's purpose and passion on a deeper level
  • Celebrating your uniqueness and living an authentic, harmonious life

Seize the precious opportunity to discover your magnificence!

With Alejandro's expert guidance, you will rediscover the inner-knowing within you, raise your vibrational frequency, and experience more joy, harmony, and love. You will also increase your self-confidence and the ability to maintain a positive outlook, which will lead to greater success and happiness in all areas of your life.

Throughout the journey, you will have the opportunity to clear dense emotions and negative energy, and radiate more light. The benefits of this journey are endless and include aligning with your Higher Self, enhancing your intuition, self-awareness, discovering your life's purpose, and celebrating your uniqueness.

By the end of the journey, you will have a deeper understanding of your life's purpose and passion, and you will be able to live an authentic, harmonious life.

Don't wait any longer to start your transformation. Book your Life Flow Guided Journey with Alejandro today and take the first step towards creating the life you deserve. Invest in yourself and experience the benefits of a life filled with joy, abundance, and purpose.

Higher Consciousness Activation


Welcome to Higher Consciousness Activation, a transformative one-on-one program designed to help you release resistance, overcome fears and limiting beliefs, and experience higher levels of consciousness.

Each session is tailored to your unique needs and goals and may include guided meditations, energy work, journaling exercises, and much more. You'll learn to connect with your higher self, release resistance, and embrace a new level of consciousness that will help you live your life to the fullest.

Includes: 12 One-On-One Live Guided Journeys.

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Soul Alignment Program


Welcome to the Soul Alignment Program, a transformative program designed to elevate your energy, unlock your full potential, and accelerate your journey to abundance, joy, and fulfillment.

If you're feeling disconnected from your true self, unsure of your purpose, or simply seeking greater clarity and direction in your life, this program is for you.

Through personalized guided journeys, we'll work together to analyze your energy flow and identify any areas that may be blocked or stagnant, clearing these blocks and aligning your energy with your higher self. You'll embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation, unlocking higher levels of consciousness, intuition, growth, freedom and expansion.

With our Vibrational Frequency Analysis, you'll be able to see the tangible results of your transformation and track your progress over time.

Invest in yourself and your future today with the Soul Alignment Program. Let's work together to unlock your untapped potential and create the life you were meant to live.

Includes: 12 One-On-One Live Guided Journeys, Energy Flow Analysis, Energy Flow Boost (12 Quantum Sessions), Lifetime Frequency Analysis, and Vibrational Frequency Analysis to track your progress.

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"The sessions with Alejandro have been a beautiful journey of inner development and profound work. Following the reading of my vibrational frequencies, I started working with Alejandro, focusing on several areas. Working with him has been truly inspirational! He has a kind personality and super positive energy. Alejandro has equipped me with the necessary tools to be able to overcome my deepest fears and limiting beliefs. He is very knowledgeable and inspiring, and always manages to make you feel completely empowered! He has taught me how to become aware and let go of any resistance to stay in the flow, allowing me to keep my vibrations high. I can really feel a fabulous transformation in the way I see and perceive the world around me! I will always be very grateful for his insights and encouragements to trust myself and my intuition. By the end of our sessions, I could already feel the increase in my overall vibrational frequency, especially in the areas we had focused on. It has truly been an honour and pleasure working with Alejandro and I will always be very grateful for his genuine interest and dedication."
-Ainhoa Challenor

"Seems words may not fully capture the experience of working with Alejandro. He has such an innate ability to bring forth what already lies within, in a way that is gentle yet empowering. If you're ready to bring forth your greatest self and to start living a life of significance in a way you have not before, I highly urge you to consider working with Alejandro. There is great wisdom, possibility, and transformation in this partnership and process."
Reshma Patel, M.D.

"Alejandro has helped me to increase my joy and greatly improved my overall vibration and quality of life. His warm, encouraging approach makes our sessions and the overall experience thoroughly enjoyable. He is always kind and loving and genuinely cares about people. You can really feel his support when you work with him. As the CEO of my own company, I have been able to expand the way I think about my role and business. There is a crystal clear clarity now, almost a bird's eye view that I couldn't quite attain before. Day-to-day business flows more easily, and I've been able to effortlessly attract the right people and opportunities to me. It feels like I am "in the flow" and "on the right track" now. I also notice a greater authenticity and ease in working with clients and the internal team, with a lot more laughter, which is super fun and refreshing. In my personal life, self-care has taken higher priority and I breeze through my day now with a palpable feeling of greater self-love and respect. With the people in my life, I feel more ease and lots more laughter there too! After the initial 3 months, I re-registered for another round of sessions as I feel an immediate and substantial improvement in my energy and overall life. Thank you, Alejandro. It is a true blessing to have the good fortune of meeting you and I look forward to the next chapter."
-Cari Cole, CEO/Founder of CCVM Label w/o Walls

"I started to work with Alejandro and Elena on my level of consciousness back in March 2020. They analyzed my levels from birth to the current. They further described how occurrences occurred in my life to cause dips in my consciousness. Occurrences that no one in my life knew about except me, but made perfect sense. After the detailed analysis, my soul wanted to raise to where it was supposed to be. Therefore, I worked with Alejandro on how to heal, forgive, and accept these occurrences.  After a few months of work and journaling, I felt the shift! Early in August, I shifted back into Love! I feel more balanced, happier, and have extra clarity. I can't say things do not bother me anymore, but they bother me significantly less. I am so happy I made this journey with them! With Gratitude."
Loralee Koontz, MPAS, PA-C

"It started for me with a Vibrational Frequency Reading in November and I then had my LIFETIME Vibrational Frequency reading done two weeks later. All I can say is, “WOAH!” I was totally captivated. In that moment of receiving the reading from Alejandro and Elena (as to where I was in my present life on the consciousness scale) I was amazed and proud to witness the hero’s journey that I have been on (for about 30+ years). With such gratitude for their gift to humanity (vibrational frequency readings) it validated so much for me and I wanted to go deeper and learn more about how to shift even higher towards joy and a greater connection to my higher self on the consciousness scale. As I reflected on the lifetime reading, I began to understand all the ups and downs and pain and joy in the 57 years of my life. The decision to work with Alejandro has been a gift for me and a priceless investment to attain a greater connection to my divine purpose and personal purpose. What can I say? It has been very rewarding. XO Alejandro has guided me and helped me re-connect to ME (my soul) by clearing energy that no longer served me. Alejandro brought an awakening and awareness to my subconscious thoughts that would keep me within my mind (Ego). Alejandro also showed me the power of visualization within Quantum Meditations and how powerful it is when you expand your mind into this frequency/dimension and literally FEEL the emotion attached to these possibilities. Alejandro has helped me learn how to surrender into my Higher Self and TRUST my intuition to tap into these messages from God/Universe/Guides. I’m forever grateful for my soul journey and to have discovered Alejandro (and Elena) along this path to re-connect with the divinity of all there is. God Bless you dear ones."
-Kelly Childs, Co-Funder @Kelly’s Bake Shoppe

"The weeks together with Alejandro's guidance has been a journey back to a more heartfelt path and life. I really can't say what he did. It was more something that occured in his presence, like a gentle, inspiring breeze leading me back home - into my heart and into a peaceful state of mind. After today's last session, I felt ready to continue my life with the help and companionship of my own inner guidance. This journey has been amazing. Alejandro came into my life at the exact right moment. I started the journey in a very lonely place, and arrived in gratefulness and joy. Thank you Alejandro 🙏✨"
Cecilia Rydelen

"Alejandro is simply wonderful! I immediately felt comfortable with Alejandro, I felt he was someone I could trust. I wasn't sure what to expect, so I was a bit anxious. But that anxiety melted away in the first few minutes of talking to Alejandro. His energy is calm and balanced, it made me feel safe and helped me relax. My experience with Alejandro was deep and meaningful. This journey has helped me reconnect with my inner self on a completely different level. I am very grateful to Alejandro for his work and the energy he puts into it. He is talented, professional, insightful, enlightened, and a delightful person. He shines of light!"
Elena Pristavka

“Alejandro helped me realign energetically with my bigger purpose. On a tactical/business level, my thinking has expanded and I am forming bigger plans, breezing through things I considered obstacles/blocks in the past, and creating incredible new opportunities, both in business and my personal life. I find myself relating to people more easily and authentically, making my interactions deeper and more engaging. Events and circumstances feel less arbitrary and more aligned. It has been rewarding on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.”
Vera Anderson, Finance & Business Strategist

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