22 Secrets to Raise Your Vibration

vibration Aug 12, 2021

Your vibrational frequency holds the key to experiencing your best life. That’s why I put together this guide full of my top secrets for raising your vibration and 22 ways you can start raising your vibration right now!



What Is Your Vibrational Frequency?

Talking about “vibes” is common. “Sending good vibes.” “That place gave off bad vibes.” “Good vibes only.” We know what it means at face value, but what does it really mean?

Every one of us is surrounded by an invisible but powerful energetic field that vibrates at a specific Hz frequency. Think of it like a piano note with a tone and frequency that is perfectly in tune when your system is in balance. Inside and outside influences can affect your frequency - raising or lowering it.



Why Should You Raise Your Vibration?

Different emotions have different energetic frequencies that can impact the balance of your energy field. After an emotion is experienced in your mind, the frequency of it is registered in your heart, the spiritual center of your body. When you consciously steer your mind to experience high-vibrational emotions like love and joy, you emanate those higher frequencies from your heart and raise the vibration of your energy field. This happens instantly!

When your energy field is impacted by low-vibrational emotions, people, places, etc. - your vibration is lowered. You will likely physically feel the effects of this frequency change. You might feel fatigued or drained. When you experience chronic low-vibrational emotions, the overall frequency dip in your field can have physical effects like a compromised immune system.



How Can You Raise Your Vibration?

It’s easier said than done to stop the cycle of negativity and shift your thoughts to positive emotions. The BIG secret is that it is not about trying to control your emotions. Can you imagine trying to monitor your every thought from morning until night? That sounds exhausting! Instead, you must learn to recognize emotions and honor them. Allow them to flow through you.

Another secret that will go a long way in helping you to raise your vibration is to train your brain!

Neuroplasticity is a scientific term that refers to the brain’s ability to adapt and change in response to thoughts and emotions. Basically, each time you choose to tune in to love instead of fear, positive expectation instead of doubt, contentment instead of jealousy – the positive pathways in your brain are reinforced and your ability to break the cycle of negative programming is amplified. Practice is key.

I have listed 22 ways you can start practicing right now! I will go into more detail on each item but here is a snapshot of the list to get you started...



22 Ways To Raise Your Vibration



Practical Ways To Practice

I wanted to describe in more detail how you can incorporate these secrets into your life. Read through and feel in your heart which feel the most important or exciting to you right now and make a plan to add these practices into your routine!

  1. Release Resistance: To release resistance, you must identify what emotion is triggering it. Is it anger? Sadness? Guilt? Go within and ask what emotion needs to be addressed. You can reprogram the emotion and finally release it. When you reprogram and release, you enhance the flow of consciousness within so you can experience more magical moments in life!
  2. Recite a daily affirmation: An affirmation is a positive statement of encouragement and emotional support. By repeating positive affirmations, you override the negative, low-vibe thoughts or emotions that could be compromising your immune system. Affirming statements open a clear channel for love and light to flow into your heart and raise your vibration. Use this practice regularly to break free from negative “self-talk” and toxic thought patterns that deplete you. Here's one to start with: I deserve the best that love and life has to offer! Check out more supportive affirmations here!
  3. Keep a gratitude journal: I recommend keeping a journal by your bed so you can write down 5-10 things you are grateful for either first thing in the morning to start your day or right before you go to bed… or both!
  4. Smile and laugh: Whether it’s being silly with a friend or loved one or watching a funny show, make sure there are moments in your day where you are getting a deep belly laugh! Look around until you see something that makes you smile right now - you can do this anytime!
  5. Practice breathwork: Let’s take three heart-centered breaths together. As you breathe deeply and expand the abdomen, imagine your inhales flowing through your heart center as a beautiful white light of peace, refreshing your body with oxygen. Exhale, imagining the light and breath exiting the heart. Receive peace into your heart with each inhale, and with every exhale – release any fear you’ve been holding on to in your body.
  6. Take nature walks: Hopefully there is a park or trail nearby that you can enjoy! For a special treat check out a botanical garden or a nature sanctuary.
  7. Listen to classical music: Whether it’s Mozart or Beethoven or something more modern - classical music has high vibrational properties that will instantly boost your energy field!
  8. Do what you love: Look at your to-do list and ask yourself - “Is there something I love to do on my schedule for today?” If not, give some chores or any other tasks that could be saved for later the boot and do something you love instead.
  9. Dance: Turn on some music you love that ignites passion in your heart! Move your body to the music and let the rhythm flow through you.
  10. Detach from old labels: It’s time to release any labels anyone else has given you or that you have given yourself (I am not good enough, I am a failure, etc.) and accept yourself for the Divine being you are!
  11. Focus on things that inspire you: Start with reallocating the time you may spend scrolling through social media or the news and focus your attention on something that inspires you. Maybe that comes to you from reading a book or listening to something that elevates you.
  12. Follow your inner voice and Divine intelligence: Tune into your heart and let your higher self lead the way.
  13. Infuse your water with Love: Before you drink your water, hold it in your hands and imprint it with love by connecting to your heart and focusing your intention for a few moments. Show gratitude for your water. Sing, say a prayer, or express love and peace however feels right to you before drinking or even bathing.
  14. Eat nourishing foods: Ensure your diet is full of whole, nutritious, organic foods. Cut out any processed sugars, alcohol, and caffeine to support your vibration in a major way! Check out this cookbook for healthy recipes!
  15. Release toxic relationships: You have a say in who you share time and energy with. The key is to choose wisely and honor when changes need to be made to support your wellbeing. When the time comes to release a relationship and move on, you have to honor that for yourself.
  16. Detox your home: Rid your home of any toxic chemicals by checking the ingredients on your cleaning supplies, skincare, dishes, etc. A good start is getting rid of your BPA plastic.
  17. Connect with crystals: Crystals are stones found in nature composed of highly condensed atoms that emit powerful frequencies. They come in many different shapes, sizes, materials, and colors. Each type has a unique vibration you can tune into by holding it and focusing on how it makes you feel. Find a crystal shop and see which stones call out to you! Keeping special crystals in your pocket, purse, or around your home are sure to raise your vibration.
  18. Anchor to your senses: We become detached from the deep feelings and wisdom available to us through our senses because we are overstimulated by the world around us and disconnected from our bodies. Get grounded and deepen your awareness!
  19. Let emotions flow through you: Don’t suppress or ignore them or they will get stuck and stagnate. It is important to acknowledge all of your emotions and let them flow.
  20. Serve a higher purpose: A great start is helping to unite the world in love with this meditation.
  21. Clear your energy field: It’s time to release uncertainty and fill yourself back up with love and light. Clear your field with this guided meditation.
  22. Hug a loved one: Give and receive the hug! Really be present in the moment and feel the comfort and love.



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Raising your vibration to improve your health is just the beginning. As you consciously raise your vibration, your emotional state and your reality merge in beautiful, supportive ways. Higher frequency emotions not only raise your vibration and strengthen your immune system, they help you become a magnet for higher frequency life experiences. Your higher vibration will directly impact the world and people around you.

Every single human plays an important role in the collective - much like each note plays an important role in a beautiful symphony. Every journey is absolutely unique and meaningful in the human experience. In our virtual series, Vibrational Revelations, we present Vibrational Frequency data for you to ponder to help you expand your consciousness and understand the frequencies that surround us in our world today. Our mission is to help humanity discover the love that they are.

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