Understanding Your Lifetime Frequency

frequency Mar 12, 2021

Today, I want to dive a little deeper into the topic of vibrational frequencies and explain how Elena and I are able to read vibrational frequencies in our work and why knowing your own personal frequency matters.

My partner, Elena Bensonoff, and I have been on a journey to understand vibrational frequencies and how they impact the world around us. Together, we developed a system to test and read vibrational frequencies. We use three instruments simultaneously to derive the final results. Using a person's photograph and name - serves as a reference point to read and retreat the information related to the person's Biofield. Our method is not connected to any AI, cloud or internet that makes calculations. We are simply analyzing the energy of our subject. We compile our data afterward. This method allows us to not only read the vibrational frequency of our clients today, but also historical figures, and even entire organizations or companies.



We read the information that is imprinted into the human morphogenetic field.

Think of this as a data center that collects all the information about every experience, event, situation, and emotion that you’ve ever had. Even if two people have the same name, the frequencies are their own unique vibrations. We specialize in knowing how to retrieve the essence of a person through their Biofield or Human Morphogenetic Field.

It is similar to knowing what radio frequency to dial in to and receive a clear signal. We are able to look into the level of consciousness and analyze how it has been shifting over the course of your life.

The information that we retrieve enables us to create a personal timeline of energetic frequencies. We explore in great detail what constitutes a person’s reality. How you experience life is a reflection of many different experiences, events, and situations.

Everything is connected, from what happened to your ancestors, your incarnation, your birth, beliefs around finances, health, relationships, creativity, and personal growth. What happened in the past, even if you may not remember it, often leaves an imprint in your Morphogenetic Field that can either support or contribute to obstacles in your journey in life.

When we experience trauma in any of these areas, we feel down, and that contributes to a dip in our frequency. These traumas can linger in our subconscious, influencing everything about us and how we respond to future events. The worst experiences can give us the greatest gifts - allowing us to awaken and recognize things which have been hidden within ourselves. We can use experiences to learn and grow. The details, though painful to process, show us exactly where great healing can take place.



Our job is to share this powerful information with you and help you make sense of what you already are feeling and experiencing.

Knowing where you’ve been and where you are is the first step in getting to where you want to go. If you have ever felt blocked or stunted in your spiritual growth, there may be some unresolved issues that need to be addressed.

We help our clients explore questions such as: How much time do you spend in the present moment? How much attention do you give to the ego? How is your integrity? Are you aligned with your divine purpose? We dive into self-awareness, clarity, compassion, empathy, energy-purity, and dimensions. Each of these aspects play into how we experience and show up in our lives. We will help you understand who you are in a whole new way, by giving people the tools to neutralize and overcome threats so the path to love and happiness is clear. This information we share is meant to set you free and give you the wings to fly as high as you wish to fly.

I hope you have enjoyed this deep dive into understanding Lifetime Frequency Analysis. If this has intrigued you and you would like your own Vibrational Frequency Analysis, Lifetime Frequency Analysis Bonus, or would like to join a community of like-minded Consciousness Explorers, please explore my website. You can learn more about my work and become a member of our Vibrational Revelations community. 

Stay aligned,



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