You Can’t Hide Your Frequency

frequency Mar 12, 2021

As a truth seeker and open-minded individual, it is natural for you to contemplate the nature of reality.

What makes up the essence of who you are beyond your physical body?

What makes you, YOU?

You have most likely experienced periods in your life when you felt in sync with something larger than yourself. When you feel connected, ideas and creativity flow and you feel at peace. At other times, you may feel separated or disconnected but can’t quite pinpoint why.

This feeling of losing touch with a bigger reality is humanity's greatest hindrance to enlightenment. It is reflected in our society that is fragmented by fear. Losing touch with the innate wisdom of our true essence and identity is at the root of fear-based living. Recovering this forgotten wisdom is the key to finding your flow and living your best life.

Consider this your invitation to awaken and rise above what has been holding you back. It’s time to lift the veil and see beyond the physical limitations and into the world of vibrational intelligence.

Let’s dive into some deep insights about vibrational frequencies. In this post, you’ll learn how ‘vibes’ show up in our lives, why they matter, and how you can use this information to evolve to a higher level. You’ll also receive insider insight into our Vibrational Frequency Analysis process!



The Physical is an Illusion

We are taught from the very beginning to see the world as physical. We are individuals. I am seperate from you. The trees are separate from the ground. The sea is separate from the clouds.

The truth is, these physical boundaries are an illusion.

The foundation of everything in this world is vibrational frequency information. Every time we have thoughts or feel an emotion, we are generating energetic frequencies. When you “pick up vibes” from someone, that is exactly what is happening! People sometimes try to hide their intentions in the physical reality, but you cannot hide your true self at the level of vibrational frequencies.

Have you ever wondered why the feelings you experience intuitively often don’t match with the “facts” you are fed by outside sources? When the gut feelings your intuition tell you something is “off,” you should listen. For instance, when someone presents themselves as trustworthy, but inside you feel unsafe and your internal alarm bells are ringing - go with your gut! The physical can be manipulated but vibes cannot.

So, where does this intuition come from and how can you learn to trust it?



The Vibrational Frequencies of Awakening

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Alejandro and I began our journey of discovery to answer those questions with The Vibrational Frequencies of Awakening. We began to understand that we are not just one frequency in time and space - we are so much more.

We developed a unique system to test Consciousness with a scale of vibrational resonance, with ranges from 0 - 1000. The level we detect is determined by different layers of emotions. For example, frequencies below 200 represent the illusion of the greatest disconnect from our inner-self. Destruction, disgrace, indifference, sorrow, worry, impulsivity, rage, and vanity are experienced at these levels. At 200 we experience heroism that can propel us onward to the higher levels. Receptivity is at 350. Flow is 500. Bliss and harmony come next, until finally illumination is reached from 700-1000.

Through our detailed process, we are able to piece together an accurate depiction of peoples’ life stories. As we explored these human frequencies and layers of consciousness, we realized how truly powerful we are as human beings. Vibrational frequencies reveal the truth of the human experience and reflect the reality that we are all a part of.



An Insider’s Look At How We Analyze Vibrational Frequencies

You may be wondering about the system we use to test and analyze vibrational frequencies. For many reasons, our method is not connected to any AI, internet, or technology that calculates. We use three instruments simultaneously and independently.

Usually we require a person's photograph and name to get started. These two pieces of information combined give us a lot of information. This allows us to not only analyze the vibrational frequency of our clients today, but also historical figures, and even entire organizations or companies.

We analyze the information that is imprinted into the human morphogenetic field. Think of this as a data center that collects all the information about every experience, event, situation, and emotion that you’ve ever had.

We specialize in knowing how to retrieve the essence of a person through their vibrational frequency. Knowing how to tap in and receive that information is remarkable and eye-opening. Through intention and tuning in, we allow Divine information to be clearly revealed. This process is similar to knowing what radio frequency to dial into and receive a clear signal.



Understanding Your Timeline Frequency

The data that we receive enables us to create a timeline of energetic frequencies. We can explore what constitutes your reality. How you experience life is a reflection of many different experiences. Everything is connected, from what happened to your ancestors, your birth, financial habits, physical health, relationships, and your ongoing personal growth.

We help you explore questions such as: How much time do you spend grounded in the present moment? How much attention do you give to the ego? How is your integrity?  Are you aligned with your Divine purpose? 

We dive into self-awareness, clarity, compassion, empathy, energy-purity, and dimensions. Each of these aspects play into how you experience life. We will help you understand who you are in a whole new way.

We can also detect when you have experienced trauma in any of these areas... These traumas can linger in your subconscious, influencing everything about you and how you respond to future events. The details, though painful to process, show us exactly where great healing can take place. 

The worst experiences can give you the greatest gifts - allowing you to awaken and recognize things in yourself that you wouldn’t have otherwise. We empower you to acknowledge those experiences and integrate lessons learned. 



Discover Your Own Vibrational Frequency

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Because you have free will, you are able to learn and expand from the past experiences we uncover for you. Every human is capable of transcending their birth and incarnation frequency to get to a higher frequency. We call this the “hero’s journey.”

The journey itself is Divine and beautiful and we should not judge it as bad. You have the power within you to shift your perspective and change the way you live life. Yes we go through bad times, but we can pull ourselves out. Our inner wisdom is always guiding us. 

When you learn to pay more attention to your inner voice and less attention to the voices of the world, miracles begin to happen. When you can acknowledge your triggers and disempower the emotions that held you hostage, you take their power away. Then, you can rebuild and focus on the present. 

Our work is to remind you what you already know, deep within.

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The more aware you become and realize that you have the power and everything begins
within you, you can rely less and less on the outer world to give you peace. You can focus more on what you feel within and allow your inner peace to flow. The world you see will begin to change because of your vibration rising. Your perspective will change even when nothing physically seems to change. You radiate light. 

To learn more about the 'vibes' that can imprison you or set you free, watch this exclusive interview Elena and I did with David Icke!

And if you're curious, we revealed David Icke's vibrational frequencies in episode 18 our series, Vibrational Revelations!



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