Get ready to elevate your consciousness, unlock your full potential, and make your aspirations a tangible reality with Alejandro’s guidance.

The Higher Consciousness Activation Journey:

Elevate your energy frequency and shape your reality, your destiny

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This is an opportunity to partake in an exclusive 6-month online journey hosted by Consciousness and Quantum Energy Expert, Alejandro Ferradas. The journey begins July 13th, 2024!

It's time to tap into the hidden potential within and raise your vibration! Imagine the power to bring into existence the relationships, career, and home you desire. When you unlock higher levels of consciousness, the potentials are boundless!

Alejandro designed this 6-month journey to help you activate higher levels of consciousness and raise your vibration with a three-phase approach:

Phase 1: Identification and Release - You will identify and reveal the areas of resistance in key aspects of your life. Throughout your journey, you will eliminate this resistance, cleanse your energy field, and reprogram your thoughts for optimal growth.

Phase 2: Balance and Enhancement - The focus of this phase is creating balance across the systems of your being. You will work on balancing your chakras, opening your third eye, and exploring your higher self. You will also enhance your visualization skills to easily manifest the life of your dreams.

Phase 3: Tune In and Manifest - With Alejandro’s expert guidance, you will practice the art of tuning into higher vibrations. Once you have imprinted higher vibrations into your “energy field,” you can easily expand your consciousness, experience higher dimensions, and manifest your desired reality!

This Activation Journey will Empower You to:


  • Release all resistance and learn to clear existing and future energetic blocks
  • Discover your state of flow and take charge of your life
  • Access your higher self and tap into divine intelligence and intuitive wisdom
  • Enhance your brain power and improve your creativity
  • Gain new perspective on personal challenges and overcome them

Throughout this journey, you will experience powerful techniques to manifest your ultimate reality and elevate your consciousness to new heights.



The Benefits of Committing to this Program:

Unlock your true potential, take your spiritual journey to the next level, and transform your life by committing to this journey of self-discovery. In just 6 months, you could see drastic changes in the way you think, feel, and live.

Imagine the possibilities:

  • Gaining the confidence and ability to take control of your destiny
  • Unlocking unexplored areas of your mind
  • Liberating yourself from self-judgment and negative influences
  • Experiencing abundance and flow in all aspects of your life
  • Aligning with your divine path and understanding your purpose
  • Developing the ability to protect yourself from negative energies


Secure your spot today so you can live life to the fullest! 

This journey is not only an opportunity to improve your life but also to discover your true self and your path toward enlightenment.

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Course Details:

This is a live online group attendance program that will run from July 13 to December 14, 2024. Sessions will take place two Saturdays a month for 6 months at 10am EST (with homework/exercises in between sessions). No replays available.

The 12-session journey is a sacred path, crafted to awaken the soul and elevate your consciousness to a realm of boundless possibilities. Each session is a step on this journey, leading you to a new height of understanding and awareness.

This program is a journey of self-discovery, providing a comprehensive approach to raising your consciousness while advancing your spiritual growth and personal development. Each session builds upon the previous one, creating a cohesive and transformative experience.


Course Vibrational Frequency: 700

The overall vibrational frequency of this course is that of Illumination. If you're not familiar with our measuring system, click below to download our FREE Vibrational Frequencies of Awakening Scale.

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Non-Member Price:


3 Month Payment Plan

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All purchases are final. No refunds, credits, or cancelations.


SPECIAL BONUSES: Discover Your Limiting Beliefs!

âś“  Alejandro will analyze your energy field to identify the most active limiting beliefs

âś“  Alejandro will provide you with a pre-recorded guided journey to experience the Fifth Dimension

What People Are Saying About Working With Alejandro

"I saw and felt, for the first time, how BEAUTIFUL MY/THIS LIFE EXPERIENCE IS! I have accepted myself! I (finally!!!) got my purpose and my passion to accomplish my plan! I feel optimistic and enthusiastic for what is to come and already is! How it happens is not my concern because my “cloud of witnesses” and I are a team imagineering every step of the way.”

“I returned with a memory of such wonder and awe... But mostly a deep connection to the vibrancy and vitality of every experience at every single moment on this beautiful planet I am privileged to call home.”

“This time my soul took me by the hands and lifted me into the essence that is my true self.”

“I surrendered to all resistance within me and just followed the ride/flow. I was fascinated by everything I saw, people I met and all the different places I experienced.”

“I was seeing myself as a little naked newborn baby surrounded by some energy or energy beings comforting me and holding me safe. That felt so comforting and like I was carried through the whole experience.”

“Standing on the bottom of the mountain. All the so called negative emotions such as the 'burden of life', the heaviness, fear or others feel like they do not belong to me. I feel centred, empowered, lightweight and joyful. The debris I am walking through has the color of a light grey, has round or oval shapes and not sharp edges. The sun is already shining on my skin before I arrive on the ridge of the mountain. The scenery looks peaceful. The grey stones are marbled in different grey to white color shades. The stones feel warm and welcoming. The waterfall and the lake are crystal clear. Standing under the waterfall feels refreshing and like it opens a new chapter or I achieve a next level of consciousness or clarity. My inner freedom expands. I feel the fear of myself (the unknown) or the fear of the power of my higher self. The shyness and the anger come by as a quick thought but they vanish before I can write them down. When I release these negative emotions my body relaxes. The inner trust of myself, the basic sense of trust expands from my heart through my whole body. I feel joy and love!”

“I felt the white light around me and raised myself up to the clouds. I felt myself flying around with my arms open. The dolphin was with me again. Then my cat Garfield hopped in my lap and I felt him up there with me too. I heard that my soul mate is closer than I think. He will be here sooner than I think. We walked toward each other and then hugged each other tightly. At one point I felt/imagined that we were dancing. I saw my ex for a second and then he vanished and I was dancing with my soulmate. We were totally in sync with each other. I then visualized him walking in the door to my house and I was so happy to see him. We embraced and it felt so good and heart warming. This was my favorite exercise. I had such a good feeling the whole time. It felt so good knowing that I will meet him soon. It was nice during the exercise feeling like he was already in my life. I couldn’t help smiling the rest of the day.”

“Tuning into your frequency I heard the words rainbow of bright colors in my head. After that, I heard pure love and compassion. Those words made me feel good inside. I felt through my imagination myself floating as a ball of white light. Sort of like a memory. Almost as though I was remembering what I really am. When I tried to focus on it, it disappeared. Since our session I have caught glimpses of it as well. It doesn’t last long. When I asked what my divine purpose was, I was told it is to transmute darkness into the light. When I asked my higher self how do I do that, I heard back, you don’t need to know right now. When I heard that, I was ok with it because I know I will find out when I am supposed to.”

“Today was yet another magical session! First, I was floating in space, a shining light in the inky black space. It was as if my being was made up of a kaleidoscope of stars that lit up the dark. I was moving with great speed, like a comet. I could feel the energy pulsating through my hands in my physical body. Next, I was a constellation of stars. My constellation was the shape of a five-pointed star, bright with color and light. All around me was the vast universe in all its glory. The colors, the shapes, the vibrations. Everything was interconnected, like the nervous system of the human body. Then, I was the air blowing around and through everything. The hot winds of the deserts, the gentle air that floats around us and gives us life, the wind that blows through the trees and plants, that churns up water and creates waves. Invisible, I could move freely everywhere. I remember gently blowing into the ear of a woman as she made food in her clay oven. Finally, I came back to my spiritual self, realizing that everything I experienced was a part of me and I a part of everything. My spiritual self was dressed in rich, silken gold-color robes, floating gently all around me. I came back to my physical body with a feeling of awe and wonder of who I truly am. So beautiful, so limitless, so connected with everything.”

“Today, Alejandro asked me to tune into his soul. I was able to focus very easily on my deep breath and very quickly felt my body relax. I was already merging with my soul when I realized that Alejandro was still talking me through the process. I then came back and waited for the moment to re-merge. This time my soul took me by the hands and lifted me into the essence that is my true self. I was shining with rainbow colors and floating softly. Alejandro then invited me to join his soul. As I waited for the connection, my entire body started to vibrate with electricity. It was very intense and I realized that this was Alejandro’s aura, not mine. Wow, very powerful! Then I saw a figure in front of me. A masculine being wearing a beautiful, silver circlet on his head. The circlet dipped down into a V shape over the forehead, with a beautiful light blue stone* positioned over the third eye chakra. The being was dressed in shining, white clothes. I had the impression of a majestic, wise soul. Like an elven king in the Lord of the Rings (I am a Tolkien fan!). A being of the stars. There were no words, simply a quiet knowing as though both our souls had met many times before. Both wise and ‘old’ souls. First, we both sat in a lotus position on the ground opposite each other, communicating in silence… Then we were walking through the forest, again silently communicating. It felt very serene. Then I was distracted by some noises from Alejandro in my headphones. Suddenly, we were on opposite sides of a deep valley, as though our meeting had come to an end. I am not sure what we communicated to each other but I remember it being a meeting of equals who were perfectly at ease in each other’s presence but also on different paths, meeting now and again. Then Alejandro invited me to say goodbye to his soul. Our souls touched foreheads and put our hands on each other’s shoulders in a gesture of appreciation. Very reverential and meaningful.”

“At first, I saw many tall trees, a forest glade, but soon I found myself in my garden. I feel totally at peace in my garden, watching the bees and butterflies buzzing and fluttering from flower to flower, and enjoying the warmth of the sun on my terrace as I drink my morning tea. It is a sacred moment for me every day, and my soul took me there. Alejandro instructed me to put all my negative traits (not sure what word it was) into a beautiful box where they would remain for the rest of the session. I followed his instructions. Then Alejandro told me to place a pool in my sacred space and I did so with joy! Instantly, there appeared a beautiful fountain of gently flowing crystal-clear water that cascaded into a pool at my feet. Then he asked me to ask my high vibration spirit guide to join me. At first, I didn’t receive a reply then suddenly, like an eruption, the most beautiful being appeared before me. The colours were spectacular! I saw a very tall being with flowing robes of violet, indigo, soft pink, gold. So rich and beautiful! I also had the impression of an ornamental, also richly coloured, head dress. My spirit guide reminded me of a beautiful Indian woman dressed in the richest silks, but much more beautiful and radiant with light. My spirit guide and I greeted each other in dance, holding each other’s hands and swaying joyfully around my garden. Then Alejandro asked me to ask my spirit guide some questions. First was “what are the things that are blocking me from further spiritual development?” I received the answer “envy, judgment, fear”. Second was “What should I do to develop spiritually?” I received the answer “be kind”.

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