"What an incredible awakening I have experienced during the sessions with Alejandro. His gentle, friendly manner and his deep spirituality drew me to work with him to help raise my vibrational frequency. And I wasn’t disappointed! I felt totally secure and supported throughout the sessions. Each experience during the guided journeys was magical. The information from the Universe flowed and continues to flow freely and I felt and continue to feel a strong connection to the joyous being I truly am. I now see my spiritual path with great clarity, and I am ready to continue my journey with absolute confidence. I am very grateful, Alejandro, for guiding me to discover how much I can experience and who I truly am when there is no resistance from the ego mind. With your help I now have renewed confidence in my spiritual journey. Thank you so much for everything! 🙏"

"The Vibrational Frequency Analysis were a great kick off to a truly transformational journey. Together with Alejandro, we configured a package of guided journeys, the Biofield Analysis and Quantum Sessions. From the beginning, Alejandro’s empathy and experience in facilitating the sessions were obvious. This inviting setting set the stage to a wonderful discovery of my hidden feelings and emotions. Step by step I was able to remove the resistance and transcend my limiting beliefs. With the new perspective I am empowered to enhance my intuitive abilities day by day. I am humbled to fill life with joy and love. Alejandro, thank you - you’re a true-life flow catalyst!"

"I started working with Alejandro because I was going through a rough time in my life with a lot of transitions, and I was having trouble trusting my intuition. I immediately felt a sense of peace and ease during our first session. Alejandro is kind, intuitive, and nonjudgmental, and I felt very comfortable opening up. During the three months we worked together, I noticed shifts in my thoughts, actions, and responses to stressful situations. I started to feel more confident and empowered and started connecting to and trusting my intuition on deeper levels. My intuition level on my vibrational frequency analysis went up 200 points during the time we worked together! I feel so grateful to have worked with Alejandro- it has truly been life-changing! I continue to use the tools and wisdom he shared on a daily basis. I highly recommend working with Alejandro and watching your life transform!"
-Lauren, PSYCH-K Facilitator

"The sessions with Alejandro have been a beautiful journey of inner development and profound work. Following the reading of my vibrational frequencies, I started working with Alejandro, focusing on several areas. Working with him has been truly inspirational! He has a kind personality and super positive energy. Alejandro has equipped me with the necessary tools to be able to overcome my deepest fears and limiting beliefs. He is very knowledgeable and inspiring, and always manages to make you feel completely empowered! He has taught me how to become aware and let go of any resistance to stay in the flow, allowing me to keep my vibrations high. I can really feel a fabulous transformation in the way I see and perceive the world around me! I will always be very grateful for his insights and encouragements to trust myself and my intuition. By the end of our sessions, I could already feel the increase in my overall vibrational frequency, especially in the areas we had focused on. It has truly been an honour and pleasure working with Alejandro and I will always be very grateful for his genuine interest and dedication."
-Ainhoa Challenor

"Alejandro helped me find calm, peace, understanding, and self love, in the midst of the turbulence of 2020 and 2021. He helped me grow and learn more about my authentic self to find more power and connection in life, which made me feel so much better! Working with him raised my vibrational frequency and helped me feel more confident in my career, health and relationships. He also helped me let go of unhealthy codependencies that were weighing me down and holding me back. I appreciated the accountability and support from him, as well as his expansive perspective on life, which helped accelerate my growth, vision and inner peace. He helped me become a more confident, calm, loving and peaceful mom, daughter, sister and coach! Thank you!"

"Seems words may not fully capture the experience of working with Alejandro. He has such an innate ability to bring forth what already lies within, in a way that is gentle yet empowering. If you're ready to bring forth your greatest self and to start living a life of significance in a way you have not before, I highly urge you to consider working with Alejandro. There is great wisdom, possibility, and transformation in this partnership and process."
Reshma Patel, M.D.

"After having had my vibrational frequency analysis and lifetime analysis, I had the opportunity to work directly with Alejandro one on one. Working with Alejandro has been key to helping me further unlock all that came to light and my perception during my readings. Alejandro helped me to dive deeper into my different frequencies, providing so much guidance, wonderful advice and words of wisdom during our sessions. You can truly feel the love and care he takes in helping us grow to experience our full potential. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Alejandro. It was such a wonderful experience, it's hard to do justice to the growth I experienced. One of the best experiences I've had and I can't recommend it enough to anyone looking to master themselves and dive deeper to consider some one-on-one work with him directly.
-Tania A.

"Alejandro has helped me to increase my joy and greatly improved my overall vibration and quality of life. His warm, encouraging approach makes our sessions and the overall experience thoroughly enjoyable. He is always kind and loving and genuinely cares about people. You can really feel his support when you work with him. As the CEO of my own company, I have been able to expand the way I think about my role and business. There is a crystal clear clarity now, almost a bird's eye view that I couldn't quite attain before. Day-to-day business flows more easily, and I've been able to effortlessly attract the right people and opportunities to me. It feels like I am "in the flow" and "on the right track" now. I also notice a greater authenticity and ease in working with clients and the internal team, with a lot more laughter, which is super fun and refreshing. In my personal life, self-care has taken higher priority and I breeze through my day now with a palpable feeling of greater self-love and respect. With the people in my life, I feel more ease and lots more laughter there too! After the initial 3 months, I re-registered for another round of sessions as I feel an immediate and substantial improvement in my energy and overall life. Thank you, Alejandro. It is a true blessing to have the good fortune of meeting you and I look forward to the next chapter."
-Cari Cole, CEO/Founder of CCVM Label w/o Walls

"I started to work with Alejandro and Elena on my level of consciousness back in March 2020. They analyzed my levels from birth to the current. They further described how occurrences occurred in my life to cause dips in my consciousness. Occurrences that no one in my life knew about except me, but made perfect sense. After the detailed analysis, my soul wanted to raise to where it was supposed to be. Therefore, I worked with Alejandro on how to heal, forgive, and accept these occurrences.  After a few months of work and journaling, I felt the shift! Early in August, I shifted back into Love! I feel more balanced, happier, and have extra clarity. I can't say things do not bother me anymore, but they bother me significantly less. I am so happy I made this journey with them! With Gratitude."
Loralee Koontz, MPAS, PA-C

"It started for me with a Vibrational Frequency Reading in November and I then had my LIFETIME Vibrational Frequency reading done two weeks later. All I can say is, “WOAH!” I was totally captivated. In that moment of receiving the reading from Alejandro and Elena (as to where I was in my present life on the consciousness scale) I was amazed and proud to witness the hero’s journey that I have been on (for about 30+ years). With such gratitude for their gift to humanity (vibrational frequency readings) it validated so much for me and I wanted to go deeper and learn more about how to shift even higher towards joy and a greater connection to my higher self on the consciousness scale. As I reflected on the lifetime reading, I began to understand all the ups and downs and pain and joy in the 57 years of my life. The decision to work with Alejandro has been a gift for me and a priceless investment to attain a greater connection to my divine purpose and personal purpose. What can I say? It has been very rewarding. XO Alejandro has guided me and helped me re-connect to ME (my soul) by clearing energy that no longer served me. Alejandro brought an awakening and awareness to my subconscious thoughts that would keep me within my mind (Ego). Alejandro also showed me the power of visualization within Quantum Meditations and how powerful it is when you expand your mind into this frequency/dimension and literally FEEL the emotion attached to these possibilities. Alejandro has helped me learn how to surrender into my Higher Self and TRUST my intuition to tap into these messages from God/Universe/Guides. I’m forever grateful for my soul journey and to have discovered Alejandro (and Elena) along this path to re-connect with the divinity of all there is. God Bless you dear ones."
-Kelly Childs, Co-Funder @Kelly’s Bake Shoppe

"The weeks together with Alejandro's guidance has been a journey back to a more heartfelt path and life. I really can't say what he did. It was more something that occured in his presence, like a gentle, inspiring breeze leading me back home - into my heart and into a peaceful state of mind. After today's last session, I felt ready to continue my life with the help and companionship of my own inner guidance. This journey has been amazing. Alejandro came into my life at the exact right moment. I started the journey in a very lonely place, and arrived in gratefulness and joy. Thank you Alejandro 🙏✨"
Cecilia Rydelen

"Alejandro is simply wonderful! I immediately felt comfortable with Alejandro, I felt he was someone I could trust. I wasn't sure what to expect, so I was a bit anxious. But that anxiety melted away in the first few minutes of talking to Alejandro. His energy is calm and balanced, it made me feel safe and helped me relax. My experience with Alejandro was deep and meaningful. This journey has helped me reconnect with my inner self on a completely different level. I am very grateful to Alejandro for his work and the energy he puts into it. He is talented, professional, insightful, enlightened, and a delightful person. He shines of light!"
Elena Pristavka

“Alejandro helped me realign energetically with my bigger purpose. On a tactical/business level, my thinking has expanded and I am forming bigger plans, breezing through things I considered obstacles/blocks in the past, and creating incredible new opportunities, both in business and my personal life. I find myself relating to people more easily and authentically, making my interactions deeper and more engaging. Events and circumstances feel less arbitrary and more aligned. It has been rewarding on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.”
Vera Anderson, Finance & Business Strategist

"I was honored to have this amazing reading from Elena and Alejandro. It is ENORMOUSLY empowering to be objectively measured on a map that isn’t distorted by ego... both the ego that is aggrandizing self, and the ego that is belittling self. To receive this assessment of my vibrational frequencies, across many categories, was like finally getting the right prescription glasses. Much love to you both!!"
Stephan Choiniere

"Dear Elena and Alejandro, I cannot thank you enough. I'm elated and feel much lighter! Today's session is continuing to be so transformative! I am sitting with the frequency readings, and spending time on the affirmations. So much is coming up and is being released - instantaneously! I've practiced in earnest and with sincerity a good few spiritual disciplines over many years, and I can say this is the most effective transformational process in such a short period of time. I literally see the world, and feel, differently! Thank you both for facilitating such clarity and openness, happiness and joy! The outcome for me is to keep heading towards full awakening, my constant companion and motivation. As a child I used to spend a lot of time sitting quietly alone, examining thoughts and exploring what was beyond them. I knew there was something underlying and unifying everything, seemingly just out of reach. Everything I've done in my life to date has been a conscious and determined continuation of that desire, including sitting with a Zen master; a Tibetan master; training with Shaolin monks; even recreational drug use - all explorations seeking the same end. I feel the frequency readings have validated those efforts (maybe not the drug use...:)), but more importantly provide a beautiful gathering up of everything that's gone before into the breathing space of the light of what has been revealed. As Alejandro said, now it's not about turning a new page, but starting a completely new book!!! And I need to say, your work is so important in this rapidly changing world. I feel deeply for every man women and child on this planet, and what they are going through. The true motivation for raising our vibrations can only be for the sake of all. We are all one beautiful energy field, and each seeming individual coming to the light makes a huge difference! Thank you again, with all my heart, and all my love,"

"I had a Vibrational Frequency Reading with Alejandro and Elena a few weeks ago and I was floored with the facts about my life, childhood trauma and even things that happened in my parents' lives when my mother had me in her womb that they revealed to me, they were able to uncover all this during the reading. I was in tears because they were able to uncover all this during the reading. I was in tears because they revealed to me things that nobody knew, and things that I had put on the back of mind for fear and shame, yet, those things were getting me stuck in my personal, romantic and financial life. After only one session with both of them, things started shifting in my life, and my attitude. I'm thrilled and blessed to have found Alejandro and Elena. I'm now ready to dive deeper and book a Quantum Analysis with Elena. I can't wait for all the doors of blessing that will open in my life. If you're looking to brake away from everything that's holding you back and create a successful, joyful life, book your session with them today!"
-Gladys Foreman

"Thank you so much for the wonderful Session. You are a great, well balanced team. I so enjoyed your clarity, wisdom, encouragement, guidance, energy and compassion. I feel quickened by the energies shifting profoundly even now, right after the session. It's wonderful to be 'seen and known'. It's transformative to be able to see and feel the patterns myself and realize they can be mastered. Thank You Both for this most powerful work. I 'See You' and Appreciate your spirits So Much! With Love and Many Blessings,"

"Dear Elena, dear Alejandro, it was great to be with you last night. Indeed, your analysis of the figures concerning my emotional state and history has been slowly entering my awareness during the last hours since it does require several shifts in my usual understanding of who I am and who I intend to become. You re-introduced a sense of movement in apparently well-structured perspectives, thus turning around my vision of balances that were illusory because many of the figures that you unveiled were quite unexpected - in the lows as well as in the highs of the emotional tapestry you pointed to. Colours and forms are slowly emerging that I was unaware of and, thanks to your compassionate listening, I am now encouraged to use differently the feelings and attitudes that have defined me over my many years. In other words, to move on! This conversation was all the more precious that we were like three old friends bringing together a sense of belonging to a common destiny - thus partaking in our deep human community. Even when I was not immediately accepting the implications of the reading, I never felt judged or underrated although I tended to speak a lot: it was like a slow birth to a new view of my unique identity. Thank you so much for these moments of enlightening amity! Your friend from beyond the pond, in Switzerland."
-Jousch Andris

"This extraordinary body of work carried out by the divine Elena and Alejandro is a secret door to what is. Once walked through there is much to be in awe of. Letting our coats of perception, programming and prejudice to fall away, we come across threads of pure truth woven together to adorn the walls as the tapestry of everything, in actual and original form. The vibrant and tumultuous journey of humanity suspended and imprinted as was and then finally illuminated. The work is a miraculous gift to us all, as we accept everyone as a player in our collective production we see and read all the scripts. My personal script was revealed to me today by the affable and beautiful Alejandro, my nerves gave way to feeling shy under an imagined spotlight. I absolutely Love these two wonderful, skilful, weavers of truth and the experience would have been further enhanced had Elena been able to be there too. My personal revelations are still settling as knowledge, holding me upright, yet, in a state of flux. I thought my best dress was under a hundred others in a big pile…. Yet I see today I am wearing it. I thought my grief and awkwardness were lowlights in my hair, instead I see the gold and silver I was given as gifts by everyone that loved me, shimmering back at me in the sunlight. To bare witness to these times is increasingly difficult to navigate, let this be your compass of truth too, a way home lit by the stars back to yourself."
-Jas Bassi

"I'm so grateful & happy to have made this step into this journey with you both & everyone else making this commitment. Such beautiful & profound work which is shifting the paradigm one soul at a time. Thank you & blessings be upon your family and the work. Love"
-Ilma Christine Camilleri

"With the intuition frequency of 750 which is a level of enlightenment, I often experience premonitions, synchronicities, lucid dreams and shamanic journeying where I cross over lost souls leaving the earth plane. This is my premonition dream, A few weeks before Sacha Stone introduced Elena and Alejandro on his video interview for the first time: I found myself at Sacha's New Earth Project Resort Humanitad in Bali in front of an amazing rainbow-colored stargate, I was told that this technology is a new way of revealing the right people to put in position for paving the way towards the 5th dimensional Earth Consciousness. There was also a group of people ready to have their energy blueprint scan which would reveal their SumTotal Consciousness Contribution ability for the right responsibility for the new earth, I hesitated and told the voice that I do not trust alien technology and do not wish for my light to be exposed to malevolent ET's, Sacha heard my reservation and he telepathically assured me that this technology did not belong to negative ET's and that it was a gift from source, so I proceeded to go through, as I went through this technology Sacha along with two beautiful people at the panel revealed to me that I was chosen to participate in this great shift, this is where the dream ended, My wife and I were absolutely astounded when Elena and Alejandro were being introduced by Sacha and we could clearly see a three way panel, this was so synchronistic that when the scalar technology was being explained by our hosts I had already decided that I would contribute toward our human family. I believe that this beautiful technology will ultimately be instrumental and an integral part at putting the right people in the right jobs for the dismantling of the current parasitic control matrix system and allowing humanity to witness the true vibrational frequencies of many who are playing their role of polarity according to the universal laws and with no judgment. My experience with Elena and Alejandro at our private session was like a family reunion and my life is enriched by their timeless presence."
-Temorshah Paikan

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the WONDERFUL Vibrational Frequency Reading. It was such a profound experience and so deeply healing and helpful. I am filled with tears of gratitude. The reading surpassed all of my expectations. I learned so much! I would highly recommend everyone get a reading - it is truly a gift and a blessing for the soul."
-Betsy Slack

"I love personal development and spiritual growth, now I love it even more, if that’s possible, having had my own personal reading done by Elena and Alejandro and so happy to see the truth coming out and some amazing revelations to increase our awareness and our consciousness. If you are serious about personal growth, I highly recommend watching these series and getting your own personal reading done. Truly amazing work by amazing people."
-Maya Linkinoska

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